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Rikaz Tax Consultants is a professional Company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in matters related to zakat and taxation services in the country as well as other gulf cooperation council members (GCC). It is one of the pioneers and most outstanding professionals in this field. The management and administration of the company are undertaken by a distinguished group of notables who are conversant with zakat & tax issues and who are competent, in theory as well as in practice, to render professional services to businessmen, companies, and corporations in GCC and all other countries in the Middle East.

Our Vision

To be one of the largest professional consulting companies in the United Arab Emirates that provide distinguished services in the field of zakat and taxation, developing our clients, and preparing them to comply with the new and changing systems of zakat and taxation.

Our Mission

To be one of the leading professional companies in the field of zakat and taxation by providing innovative solutions & services for all business sectors.

Targeted Groups

  • Companies and incorporations
  • Businessmen
  • Division of heritage & liquidation of companies
  • Individuals
  • Zakat funds in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East in general
  • Associations and institutions of philanthropy and charitable work.

We also have the ability to help, participate and render support in the enactment of zakat and tax legislations and codes that may efficiently assist in levying and increasing revenue of existing zakat funds and houses as well as charity societies and organizations in the gulf region.