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Corporate Tax is a form of direct tax levied on net income or business profit. In some other countries, Corporate Tax is sometimes referred to as "Corporate Income Tax" or "Business Profit Tax."

UAE Corporate Tax is applied to all businesses in the country, except for companies engaged in natural resource extraction activities, which will remain subject to emirate-wide corporate tax.

Foreign entities and individuals will not be subject to Corporate Tax unless they carry on commercial activity in UAE or continuous or regular business activity.

UAE Corporate Tax is applied equally to all categories of profits and other (net) income included in the financial statements prepared in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards at 9% on taxable profits exceeding AED 375,000 and 0% on profits not exceeding 375,000 UAE dirhams to support start-ups and small businesses.

Our professional services in the field of corporate income tax include:

  • Planning and assisting taxpayers to comply with the tax system, in by-laws adopted by UAE.
  • Highlighting the tax system and its main features.
  • Preparing and submitting income tax returns on behalf of the clients and obtaining the tax certificates and facilities granted by the Federal Tax Authority.
  • Acting on behalf of the clients in preparing and submitting objections and appeals to the federal tax authority on unfavorable tax.
  • Attending the sessions of administrative and judicial tax committees.
  • Attending and monitoring the field inspections carried out by the Federal Tax Authority.
  • Finalizing the tax positions of the clients with the Federal Tax Authority.
  • Preparing settlements of tax disputes with the relevant settlement committees of the Federal Tax Authority.
  • Preparing and submitting withholding tax returns, if any, and assisting in tax refunds.
  • Conducting a comprehensive tax review of the accounts of companies and enterprises may result from differences in interpretation of the tax law.